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Facilitate Change & Manifest Outcomes Via Structured Processes

At Expiscor, you will discover a structured process for spiritual and material growth. Manifest a greater life with meditation, neural change and responsibility. Sign-up to receive a free resource on deconstructing limiting beliefs.
Facilitate Change & Manifest Outcomes Via Structured Processes
Anything With Modern Methods.
Hours of Practical Content.
Growth, One Person At A Time.
Application = 100% Output.
What Is the Expiscor Collective & Who Is Kyrios Kairos?

The Expiscor Collective 📚

Our purpose is to spread the wonders of Magic, the depths of Esoterica, the pragmatics of Meditation, the principles of Tantra, and unite with unique people. Encouraging happiness by giving practical, actionable resources to help make your life better.
More About Expiscor

Founder, Kyrios Kairos 😀

I am a prudent student of life and my perspective on life is very important. I create the very necessary tools to help you live beyond time, goals and simple achievement. Get out of the back seat and take life by the reins NOW.
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Courses & Private Community ✨

The Expiscor Collective has its own private academy of structured personal growth resources and spirituality development approaches. Learn to manifest your desires NOW. Discover a new way of living by committing the great act of CHANGE.
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Setting Expectations Aside to Recognize the Truth

The Expiscor Collective exists for the sole purpose of helping others. But the truth is - YOU won't change, nothing will happen for YOU, UNLESS your desire to change is so large that it goes beyond your intrinsic desire to stay stagnant.

If you feel stuck in life, your limiting beliefs are in the gap between WHAT YOU ARE and WHAT YOU CAN BE. It is time to start living from the inside out, not from the outside in. Unless you COMMIT fully to change, you'll remain stuck "working" towards your "best" instead of being your "best" NOW. The world needs you NOW & what you have to offer TODAY, not TOMORROW.

1. What Can I Learn Here?

If you apply your efforts with any of the provided resources, you will learn to tap into your divine right of creative conduit and facilitate change on a deep level. You will begin to discover the hidden bliss in all aspects of life, making every experience equally as important as the rest. I, Kyrios Kairos from Expiscor, offer universal principles applicable to life as a whole. This website and our involved learning platform present methods for personal growth, self-mastery - aligned with spirituality at its core.

2. Can You Help Me With My Problems?

Becoming a dedicated member of the Collective requires a readiness & willingness to change so that your PAST-PRESENT self disintegrates. I, Kyrios Kairos, will not change you - I do not have power over your domain. Your reality and your world depends on you to CHANGE. However, the tools and resources provided by I are designed to help YOU ASSUME RESPONSIBILITY for clarity and success in YOUR life. Self-imposed limitations and barriers will begin to shatter, allowing you to experience life with FULLNESS.

3. What's Different About This From Anything Else?

By the very nature of being OTHER than ANYTHING ELSE, the Expiscor Collective and Kyrios Kairos are different. A unique perspective, a custom approach and tested structure for growth is what I present to you. In the foundation of Expiscor, we admit that everything in life is a rendition of the past, improved. Thus, the resources provided are expected to overlap with the great teachers of the past. Universal truth is one, so it must be delivered as such. Yet, the more PROMINENT difference is how Kyrios Kairos IS. I help bring about change on a deep-foundational level with meditation techniques, thought & neural adjustments, magical rites and BELIEF. I strive to bring UNION-YOGA to all those who seek.

4. How Long Does It Take For Results? Can I Get Access for Free?

Fortunately for all involved, the tangible results will begin to make themselves known when you decide for them to do so. Outcomes/results come to those who abolish their doubts and understand the principles for CHANGE. With magic, results make themselves apparent at the right time. With meditation, it might take a moment or lifetimes. With thought experiments and belief deconstruction, you can be quite literally A DIFFERENT PERSON within an hour. Keep in mind, that NO CHANGE will happen unless, YOU have an INDOMITABLE DESIRE to CHANGE. Desperation, awakening, spiritual breakthrough will often push us to seek NEW WAYS of LIVING. If you're looking to facilitate change without spending money, you're in luck because we have powerful resources available for FREE. However, if you're looking to upgrade your FINANCIAL paradigm, it will not happen for free, a price is to be paid. For those from impoverished areas or those who are struggling at the moment, please reach out to me on Instagram (@kyrioskairos) and I will best accomodate your situation.

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