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Who is Kairos?

Kairos: the opportune and decisive moment.

Kairos means various things. But in the case of Expiscor - Kairos is an alias, which the founder of the project uses.

Why would someone use an alias when running a project for the welfare of the audience?

The answer is quite simple. Kairos does not want to have his "real" name whatever that may mean, to be attached and/or represent the quality and impact generated by the project.

The "real" Kairos runs a variety of other projects using his real identity.

Expiscor speaks for itself, and resides within this world separately from Kairos. Kairos is just a safeguard to make sure everything runs smoothly.

The whole concept of the project is to help the community discover themselves via the information provided by Expiscor.

It is a journey into self, and does not need an external influence to make it successful, effective or valuable.

What does Kairos do?

Besides running the actual website and community platforms, Kairos is a prominent contributor of various content for the Expiscor community.

Several books, written by Kairos can be found on the publishing website.

Countless articles and unique resources can be discovered on the Expiscor blog.

How can I get in touch with Kairos?

Kairos restricts his communicative involvement to a select few channels. These are the forums, comment sections, announcement boards and direct conversations held over email.

However, Kairos provides a consulting/coaching service for eager individuals who are looking for additional support and involvement to their development.

This is what I can do for you:

  • Assist you in a successful transformation using the Expiscor methods

  • Develop your personal responsibility and activity consciousness

  • Create a unique set of rituals, practices and routines for your circumstances

  • Provide another healthy perspective and help you make your own decisions

  • Teach you how to deal with implicit and explicit oppressors

This is what I can't do:

  • Do all of the necessary transformation work for you

  • Remove your responsibilities and generate results effortlessly

  • Give you a one-size fits-all solution

  • Overcome all self-actuated obstacles in a night

  • Make others act a certain way, do something for you or be with you

Is the mentorship program free?

Interstitial consultations are free and help me gauge your circumstances, in order to develop a plan of action unique to you.

However, the actual mentorship is a paid relationship, as I would like to: 1) Recognize that you are dedicated 2) Support my family 3) Help those who actually want the help.

As you would invest in your health, lifestyle and entertainment - the money you spend on this professional relationship is next of kin to an accredited education.

However, in this case the fee that you pay, returns in sweat, blood, thought tokens that lead to a life of long-term success. Anything you pay now will come back to you tenfold.

If you are not willing to participate in this paid program, you can still contact me to have a chat. Some situations don't require my influence. In actuality, everything can be done from within. All I am is a professional mentor and guide.

Table of Contents

Expiscor - What Is It?

Who is Expiscor?

What We Do

What We Want To Achieve?

Support Expiscor

Expiscor - What is it?

Expiscor is an ancient word, meaning "discovery" or "inquiry".

This word is the ideal representation of what our tight-knit community focuses on.

A collective of people who believe in nothing, in order to have the freedom to believe in anything.

The Expiscor Collective is an intricate educational project, aimed at spreading the wonders of Magick; the vast depths of Esoteric Knowledge; the ability to escape conformist thinking; but most importantly assisting the community in developing their own personal freedom, whatever that may mean to them.

By going with us on the journey of Expiscor - we will create a self-actuated and responsible community, which takes control of their own lives, employs the power of purpose and helps others become whatever they might want to become.

Who Is Expiscor?

The Expiscor Collective is not a single person. It consists of a wide range of individuals, who are unique and prominent conduits for creative expression.

The Collective is inseparable from the community members. For the members are at the forefront of discovery.

They are one in the same. Existing, as a unit of thought and creative potential.

The Collective is represented by Authors and Thought Leaders; Fringe Scientists and Esoteric Educators; People who want to take control of their lives; People who want to reach out to others and help them help themselves.

Expiscor only has a singular requirement for community approval:

You must believe that you can escape the rigidity of the mind, and open yourself to the possibilities of the world beyond the widely known. By doing so, you will be on your own journey of Expiscor. Well on your way to create your own reality and recognize the world for its harmony.

What We Do

At Expiscor, the contributors and community produce an extensive variety of dedicated material on a wide range of topics. Primarily, in esoteric and developmental nature.

The content is expressed through the medium of: Books, Newsletters, Courses and Classes, Consultations, unbiased and verified connectivity.

All of the content is reviewed and analyzed for quality, accuracy and potential impact opportunity.

If the content passes the audit of the Collective - it is released to the public on the platform and any other associations.

The Collective prides itself in full transparency and provides extensive documentation that helps the audience make their own decisions, based on accurate information and interpretation.

The content has been proven to work if you put in effort, and can only be disabled by the active denial or programmed tension created by self.

The people who take the journey of Expiscor seriously, while dismissing the seriousness - those are the people who benefit the most. The people of our community have become more productive, responsible and successful, in whatever measure they decide. We've only assisted in helping them realize their inherent powers. And we will continue to do so. Magick is in everything and all. It is your choice to make use of it or let it become a stagnant reminder of the opportunities never made use of.

What We Want To Achieve?

Expiscor does not have a list of things to achieve. We allow the creative expression to navigate the destination of our content and ideas.

We only hope that our work reaches the person who is looking for answers; has a calling for the things that are not regularly taught; and wants to bring more to the world, beyond themselves.

Our work is not restricted by age or background, as we respect all conscious people and want to see them develop to their full potential.

We want people to stop turning a blind eye to the Magick of the world, and help them fight back against their self-oppression.

We want you to express your thoughts, and create meaningful things. We want you to share and give to others.

We want you to become powerful and resilient to the predatory forces of the world. We want you to educate and help the people who are asking for help. Most things don't happen to us, they happen for us. You being here already means something. Change the meaning and reasoning for why something happening and you change it completely.

Support and Contact

If you would like to get in touch with the Expiscor collective - this is the place to do it.

Currently, the Expiscor project does not accept donations. Financial gain is not a prominent structure within the business model.

And although the project requires financial capital to expand and develop new outreach into various segments - we decided not to accept donations.

However, if you are so inclined to contribute to the project, we welcome intellectual property more than money.

If you have content ideas, experiential knowledge or anything that might be of interest to the community of the project. Feel free to contact us via this form.

The Expiscor Collective appreciates your active support for the project.

We will get back to you shortly.