Discover the Wonders of Magic & Change Your Life.

At the Expiscor Collective, we offer resources on tantra, ritual magic, and meditation to help you live a better life. Focus on practical application so that you can learn how to manifest your desires and improve your overall well-being.
Discover the Wonders of Magic & Change Your Life.
Of Experience In Magic.
Of Dedicated Articles.
Of Lives Changed.
Effective & Attainable.
What Kyrios Kairos Does

Creates Practical & Actionable Books 📚

Encouraging happiness by giving practical, actionable resources to help make your life better. I write about the occult and magic, unifying tantric principles, manifestation and meditation.
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Helps Others Make Their Life More Blissful & Productive 😀

I can help you take control of your life and become more productive. I teach others the necessary tools to live beyond time, goals and simple achievement. Get out of the back seat and take life by the reins.
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Teaches Magic & Performs Rituals Remotely ✨

Learn magic from the comfort of your home, manifest your desires. I can assist you in developing your set of skills in the occult. I also perform rituals remotely for those who seem to doubt their own prowess.
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About the Expiscor Collective by Kyrios Kairos

The Expiscor Collective is an occult education organization, founded by Kyrios Kairos. The website was developed with the purpose of helping others tap into the power of their creative conduit via magic, meditation and tantric principles.

Kyrios Kairos is a Tantric Occultist with over a decade of experience teaching others around the world with practical magic and tantra. He helps people gain clarity in daily life and absolve themselves from self-imposed limitations.

1. What Can I Learn Here?

I, Kyrios Kairos, developed Expiscor Collective to provide the necessary tools for anyone to make their life blissful and every experience count. I offer tantric principles that are applicable to life as a whole. You will with our online learning platform discover personal growth, self-mastery, and spirituality with ease. Membership includes access to curated articles, all published books (as long as subscribed), discounts, and much more.

2. Can You Help Me With My Problems?

It would be wrong for me to say that I can, but I can certainly say that you can. With the tools provided by me, and the Expiscor Collective - you will be able to achieve clarity in your life. You will begin to break the self-imposed barriers and limitations, allowing you to experience bliss in every aspect of life.

3. What's Different About Kyrios Kairos & His Work?

Much like anyone else who is an individual, Kyrios Kairos is one as well. This means that his work and creative output is as unique as a single petal on flower. Although, he admits that nothing new can be created, only revised and enhanced - he is due dilligent to provide effective and powerful tools for the human mechanism. He is a Tantric Occultist with over a decade of experience, and is capable of performing magical rites, teaching others meditation as it was meant to be. He strives to bring union (Yoga) to all that seek.

4. How Soon Can I Get Results? Can I Get Access for Free?

Fortunately, none of the work can be proven until tried. The Expiscor Collective has helped change lives for the better. Nevertheless, results come from those who understand the principles and abolish their doubt before it's too late (even with doubt, things happen). With magic and rituals, results can come immediately or take some time. With meditation, you're in for a lifetime of experience with instant feedback. However, Kyrios believes that magic is available to all, but only accessible to those who seek. This means that a breakthrough/intervention must happen of its own accord or initiated by the person before control over the arts can be attained. If you want free access to our work for financial reasons or to simple test before purchasing, please reach out to Kyrios and I will accomodate your situation.

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