Expiscor Collective by Kyrios Kairos

Kairos (καιρός) : the opportune and decisive moment.

Who Is Kyrios Kairos?

Hey, I am Kyrios Kairos. That is one of my many names, but this one is most relevant to the contemplations of this project.

I am a Tantric Occultist (No, I am not one of those westernized sex practitioners). I have over a decade of experience in teaching others ritual practice, meditation, and the necessary tools to gain clarity in life. The "Tantra" that I teach is an amalgamation of my understanding and unification of practices from various cultures and the divine self.

A side-profile image of Kyrios Kairos. Bearded, partially shaved head with hair on top. Black and white.

I am of Russian descent, a Canadian citizen. Nevertheless, I do not particularly identify with any culture as I travel often and find relation in every location that I visit.  

I've been through many facets of life much like you have. Pleasure and pain. Wealth and poverty. Love and hate. Crime and law. Travel and stagnation. Freedom and bondage. Divinity and wickedness.

In order for you to better understand who I am, let's take a very brief trip into the past. Keep in mind, these phases of my life are not in any chronological order and they are intertwined in ways beyond time itself.

The Russian Oligarchy Phase

During the time I lived in Russia (a period of 9 years +/-), I was very fortunate to dwell in the realm of visionaries and big-business prospects. In fact, my work was to provide simple guidance to several USD billionaires in the city of Moscow. Their names are occluded for obvious reasons. I can mention that they operated at the top of the commercial chain in technology and communication services.

It's often that for the most complex of issues, the simplest of solutions are most effective. Practical meditation with results, self-management ritual practice, and mental cleansing are all they are required. By no means do I coin these practices as my creations (perhaps I do in another manner), but the tools that I provide are significantly more effective and approachable to a modern audience.

I'm a simple man, but I do enjoy a good challenge. The threshold of activity on the mental and imaginative level as a businessman of such class is quite high. It's not an easy task, and these people will seek out a variety of ways to manage their time, goals, and future.

Not to mention, it is essential for such people with greater responsibility of affecting people on a greater scale to mend their problems before they tend to the needs of the populace. A clear and conscious head will provide greater outcomes than an ill and clouded judgment of the immediate world of surroundings.

That is why we focused on developing the more-feminine qualities of their character, such as empathy and compassion - attributing a great portion of their wealth and focusing on giving back. We worked with great strides to create still existing to this day, charities and volunteering fonds that provide resources to physically ill children and the less-fortunate folk by providing a substantial level of comforts to those who longed for them.

Now, I give back to others in many ways, among which are my books and resources that are dedicated to helping you discover abundance in daily life and manifest financial outcomes.

That is the gist of it. Moving on to the cultural immersion phase.

Cultural Immersion & Travelling Phase

For a period of several years, I dedicated my time vising various locations and countries in the world in hopes of learning from local practitioners their methods and conceptualizations of the world. I was always intrigued by the variety of humanity and how little effort people put into understanding others.

In this timeframe, I've visited over 40+ countries, which by no means is a competition to other great travelers. Not to mention, I traveled not to compete with others but to rejoice with them in shared ideas and expressions of life. Travel is a direct extension of your mind. By seeing places first-hand and becoming physical in their locale, you discover your own being from a variety of angles.

Think of other countries of expressions of your seemingly-limited cultural self waiting to be discovered. The world holds great possibility in the physical and non-physical world. This means that an untravelled fellow is no lesser than a traveled one, they traverse the many plains of existence in their own way.

During these travels, beyond the focus on learning cultural extensions of occult practice and unifying philosophies, I tended to the needs of others by becoming an active bystander in their life. I served as a reflection point to the sharpness of their intellect and remained clear of their clarifying being so that they had the room to see life more clearly.

It is my honor to have an uninvited but great impact on the lives of others. In fact, I am a true believer that a single smile from a stranger on the streets can positively affect not only your day but your entire life. People come and go, why not make the best of their presence? I often use travel with my personal clients as a tool for reference when working through any issues they wish to overcome.

Let's take a look at personal divinity and angelic intervention.

Angelic Intervention & Divinity

Throughout various periods of my life, I have been in direct contact with entities, better described as Angelic. Of course, this cannot occur without the presence of lesser beings, partitions of the self. All have their demons (not necessarily an accurate description) as demons can be as good if not better than Angels in some regards.

During these extended periods of contact, I was led by entities to certain places at certain times. I often see the cross-reference of time being connected with itself in a web of relationships. The most important of these connections at this time occurred in Mexico, the Czech Republic, and Colombia. These locations are seemingly unconnected, but I believe that everything is connected so well - that you simply cannot see the links unless looking from the right angle at the right time.

In my union with Angelic entities, we have developed tools that allow others to hold communion and work with them without their intervention. One can choose to work with parts of themselves they thought previously impossible to "exist". Through these relationships, one can attain greater levels of personal competence in every aspect of life. By no means is one dependent on their prowess, it is a symbiotic relationship in its very essence.

They do not exist outside of you and they hold no power over anything or anyone without your presence and dedication. God comes in many shapes and forms. My life is devoted to God in a way that Godly people will consider heretic, but I greatly disagree with those opinions.

After all, I am a tantric occultist and I see God in everything there is. That's what I strive to help others achieve in their own experience of life as well. God is personal but he can be shared with others. I have created many written works that are focused on developing connections with God and Angelic entities. They are available to anyone who is prepared to take on a mystical challenge.

Let's move on to an overarching theme in my life, wickedness and deviated sexual desires.

Deviated Carnal Sexual Desires

Outside of the divinity of self, there lies a darker longing for deviated desire. In fact, I am willing to call the devil in the open as an angel in disguise. People are compulsive and their fall into disparity is another attempt at becoming one with God through the opposite extremes of pleasure.

In my life, God made himself evident first in my escape of the mundane in search of extreme pleasure and debased connection. For a period of time, one would call me an addict of a sexual nature. Of course, I find these definitions to be too simple and not optimistic in any way.

Addiction is an expression of the self that can either become a destructive force in your life or a constructive opportunity as well. The difference is in our perception and the power that our "addiction" holds over us.

Addiction is the longing for life, for an experience beyond that which we conceptualize as regular. I chose the path of carnal flesh and I explored the many possibilities of sexual tendency. I had an oversaturated daily indulgence in non-invested sexual encounters with escorts from various countries.

I was intrigued by pornographic content when not being able to engage in these encounters. I sought out partners based on exclusively their physical characteristics and at one time had intercourse with 8 women several times throughout a single day. Was I proud of it? Sure.

But the problem was not in the overindulgence but my perception of this experience, it occupied a greater part of my time and I was not satisfied. I fell victim to myself and it was splendid. Nevertheless, like anything that can be brought into life, it can be taken out.

Just to make clear, the "addiction" is managed with ease, and no need for struggle. By abolishing the triggers and deeper reasons for these occurrences, one can attain peace in their life and enjoy moderate indulgence. Balance is key, but in some cases, dedicated abstinence from their addictive intrigue is necessary. I've written extensively on overcoming addiction and it applies to practically all compulsive activities.

Exploration of Physical Capabilities, Rather So, the Mental Ability to Dictate the Physical Response

This is another constant theme in my life where I tend to fall into a cycle of deep exploration in the physical extremes. In these cycles, some of the things I've done for the sake of experimentation are:

  • Walking across Canada without other means of transportation for fun, starting in the winter months
  • Extended fasting of 20+ days with no light or engaging stimulus
  • Running marathon distances in -20 Celsius weather with only shorts, shoes, and gloves
  • Spending a week without any gear or rations atop of "tabletop mountain" in South Africa
  • Swimming from Key West to Dry Tortugas National Park in the ocean unsupported. The total swim takes about 12 +/- hours, can take longer depending on tide and wave pattern
  • Spent over 4-5 days without sleep several times, up to points of hallucination

These are just some examples of the things I've done, simply in order to test the body and mind for the sake of experimentation. I do not recommend anyone partake in such activities without adequate mental preparation and some physical activity baseline.

Many people might believe these feats to be trickery and made-up stories, but I know what I did and why I did it. When begins to put into practice the methodologies and tantric principles into their lives, they will begin to see that their past life seemed dull in comparison. There is so much more to the human experience, and being human is quite splendid if one learns how to utilize this mechanism.

What Is the Expiscor Collective?

Expiscor Collective is a global organization, founded by Kyrios Kairos. It is an ever-changing project, developed to provide necessary tools for removing self-imposed limitations and gaining clarity in life. These tools are available to the right person at the right time, anyone who seeks shall find.

Expiscor is a word from Lingua Latina, meaning "to inquire" or "discover". This word resembles the whole thought foundation for our community of independent individuals.

Our purpose is to spread the wonders of Magic, the depths of Esoterica, the pragmatics of Meditation, the principles of Tantra, and the union with others. Not only do we provide tools for others, but we also seek to be taught tools by others.

By joining us on the journey of Expiscor, you can create a divinely-actuated and responsible life. You can employ the power of purpose, manifest your desires and find bliss in everyday life. By doing so, not only do you have a direct effect on your perspective and experience of life, but also positively affect others in your immediate surrounding.

Who Is Behind the Project?

Besides the aforementioned Kyrios Kairos, we are a troupe of capable people in a variety of fields of interest. We innovate in fringe science, practice and teach magic, create and share literature. In essence, we do a little bit of everything, and not too much of anything. We seek balance.

Evidently, our words of believing in nothing to have the freedom to believe in anything can seem contradictory to many statements made earlier. Nevertheless, these words stand true but in a cyclical manner. We must believe in some things, as that is how we structure our perception. It can either be selected carefully or accidentally imposed.

We are all on the same path and journey of life, yet we all walk our own walk. We experience different cultures, live in different countries, yet we still are all connected. We are of different ages and experiences, none of which is above another. We liberate our pliable mind to the possibilities of the world and direct it towards a stream that we decide appropriately.

We pride ourselves in full transparency and provide extensive practical works to help you make decisions regarding your spiritual, mental, and physical practices.

What Do We Do

As a collective, we strive to find a union between all of the individual creations of the community. As individuals, we create an extensive variety of resources for specific topics. Our work is expressed via the mediums of film, literature, education, entertainment, consultation, and much more.

All of the work has been assured for quality and we do not accept any projects from charlatans and manipulators. To most the notions of creative expression and Magic are inherently disabled via active denial. For those that free themselves to the lesser evident possibilities of the world, such as mysticism, God, divinity, angels & demons - those are the people that will benefit the most from our work.

We have helped others become successful, responsible, and productive, in whichever measure they find reasonable. Yet, this is only achieved by the person himself, we are but creators and continuous observance of the process by which others find what they are looking for.

Magic is in everything, it knows no limits. It is your choice to see, feel and use it. Just as well, you can allow it to stagnate and remind you of the opportunities never apprehended.

What We Want to Achieve

As a whole, we do not hold ourselves accountable for certain goals or outcomes. We allow our creativity to flow in a certain direction but not lead towards a certain point.  We allow the flow of our ideas, practice, and thoughts to roam in a direction we seem fit.

Nevertheless, we only hope that our work reaches the right person at the right time, as is the case most of the time. Everything happens for a reason. The person who is looking for answers; has a longing for more than the immediately presented existence; wants to bring more to the world and create an outstanding life - that is someone who can benefit from our work.

We wish that people stop turning a blind eye to the wonders of the world. We wish that others resolve self-oppression with ease. We wish that others make their experience of life blissful.

We want you to become powerful and resilient to the predatory forces of the world. We want you to educate and help your community in becoming greater than the sum of one person.

Most things happen for us, not to us. Change your meaning and reasoning behind something that happened and change the entire experience.

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