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Expiscor Collective by Kyrios Kairos

Expiscor: to FIND OUT; to DISCOVER; to FISH/ANGLE (for information)

Expiscor Collective is a global organization founded by Kyrios Kairos. It is an ever-changing project developed to provide necessary tools for removing self-imposed limitations and gaining clarity in life. These tools are available to the right person at the right time, anyone who seeks them shall find them.

Expiscor is a word from Lingua Latina, meaning "to inquire" or "discover". This word resembles the whole thought foundation for our community of independent individuals.

Our purpose is to spread the wonders of Magic, the depths of Esoterica, the pragmatics of Meditation, the principles of Tantra, and union with others. Not only do we provide teaching to others, but we also seek to be taught by others.

By joining us on the journey of Expiscor, you can create a divinely-actuated and responsible life. You can employ the power of purpose, manifest your desires and find bliss in everyday life.

By doing so, not only do you have a direct effect on your perspective and experience of life, but also positively affect others in your immediate surrounding.

Who Is Behind the Project?

Besides the aforementioned Kyrios Kairos, we are a troupe of capable people in various fields of interest. We innovate in fringe science, practice and teach magic, and create and share literature. In essence, we do a little bit of everything and not too much of anything. We seek balance.

Evidently, our words of believing in nothing to have the freedom to believe in anything can seem contradictory to many statements made earlier.

Nevertheless, these words stand true but in a cyclical manner. We must believe in some things, as that is how we structure our perception. It can either be selected carefully or accidentally imposed.

We are all on the same path and life journey, yet we all walk our walk. We experience different cultures and live in different countries, yet we still are all connected.

We are of different ages and experiences, none of which is above another. We liberate our pliable minds to the possibilities of the world and direct them towards a stream that we decide appropriately.

We pride ourselves in total transparency and provide extensive practical works to help you make decisions regarding your spiritual, mental, and physical practices.

What Do We Do

As a collective, we strive to find a union between all of the individual creations of the community. As individuals, we create a wide variety of resources for specific topics. Our work is expressed via the mediums of film, literature, education, entertainment, consultation, and much more.

All of the work has been assured of quality and we do not accept any projects from charlatans and manipulators. To most, the notions of creative expression and Magic are inherently disabled via active denial.

Those that free themselves to the lesser evident possibilities of the world, such as mysticism, God, divinity, angels & demons - are the people that will benefit the most from our work.

We have helped others become successful, responsible, and productive, in whichever measure they find reasonable. Yet, this is only achieved by the person himself, we are but creators and continuous observance of the process by which others find what they are looking for.

Magic (Love - GOD) is in everything; it knows no limits. It is your choice to see, feel and use it. Just as well, you can allow it to stagnate and remind you of the opportunities never attempted.

What We Want to Achieve

As a whole, we do not hold ourselves accountable for certain goals or outcomes. We allow our creativity to flow in a certain direction but not lead towards a certain point. We allow the flow of our ideas, practice, and thoughts to roam in a direction we deem fit.

Nevertheless, we only hope that our work reaches the right person at the right time, as is the case most of the time. Everything happens for a reason.

The person who is looking for answers; has a longing for more than the immediately presented existence; wants to bring more to the world and create an outstanding life - that is someone who can benefit from our work.

We wish that people stop turning a blind eye to the wonders of the world. We wish that others resolve self-oppression with ease. We wish that others make their experience of life blissful.

We want you to become powerful and resilient to the predatory forces of the world. We want you to educate and help your community in becoming greater than the sum of one person.

Most things happen for us, not to us. Change your meaning and reasoning behind something that happened and change the entire experience.

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