Our Affiliate Program

Our Affiliate Program
[The Affiliate Program is Currently Closed] The Expiscor Collective provides the opportunity for others to join our referral/affiliate program. We offer fair compensation to all affiliates and do our best to support the working relationship.

As an umbrella organization, we offer a variety of opportunities to a variety of people. With our blog on this website, we provide membership access and a newsletter to our readers. Both of these are subject to our affiliate program. Thus, allowing other creators to recommend our product/services for monetary gain.

If you would like to refer friends/customers to our product/service and you're not interested in financial results, please go to our contribution/volunteering page instead.

Creators that join our affiliate program must uphold reasonable guidelines in respect to our potential future clientele and existing customers. In return, we offer fairly scaled payments in direct correlation to the creator's performance. This can be a truly lucrative opportunity if some time is invested into it.

Who Can Join the Affiliate Program?

In essence, anybody can join our affiliate program. We do not discriminate based on social, traffic, or any other metrics.

Nevertheless, we realize the very obvious correlation between potential earnings and the number of people that can interact with our Affiliates. That being said, we recommend that you have at least:

Website Traffic:

Instagram Followers:

Twitter Followers:

Facebook Groups:

Youtube Subscribers:

If you feel that your affiliate plan will work without the metrics listed above, feel free to apply. However, please read, the "Don't Apply If You Do This" segment before you do. We are very strict about black-hat and other illicit means of affiliate marketing.

How Much Money Can I Make?


We Look for This In Our Affiliates


Don't Apply If You Do This


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