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Our Affiliate Program

Our Affiliate Program
[The Affiliate Program is Currently Closed] Usually, we provide a great opportunity for others to join our referral/affiliate program. We offer fair compensation to all affiliates and do our best to support the working relationship.

As an organization with many branches of outreach and involvement with the world, we offer a variety of opportunities to a variety of people.

Our community and learning programs are subject to the affiliate program. We allow creators of all kinds earn a great percentage from promoting, recommending, and selling our services/product to others.

Creators selected for our affiliate program must uphold reasonable guidelines concerning our potential future clientele and existing customers. In return, we offer fairly scaled payments in direct correlation to the creator's performance. You can expect 40% of all sales as your cut.

Who Can Join the Affiliate Program?

In essence, anybody can join our affiliate program. We do not discriminate based on social, traffic, or other metrics.

Nevertheless, we realize the undeniable correlation between potential earnings and the number of people interacting with our Affiliates. That being said, we will leave your means of traffic to yourself.

If we find out that you utilize some sort of black hat, defaming, or derogatory approach as an affiliate - we will severe our contract and prevent you from ever joining again.

We are very strict about black hats, and other illicit affiliate marketing means.

How Much Money Can I Make?

As mentioned earlier, currently, the affiliate program payment is locked at 40% of any sale. However, we might change this to a sliding scale based on performance at a later date.

We Look for This In Our Affiliates

  • Can accurately assess and share with others the qualities of the Expiscor Collective
  • Have a large following, traffic source, or ability to share with others the affiliate link
  • Can communicate when expected to

Don't Apply If You Do This

  • Utilize black hat strategies to garner traffic for sales
  • Spam our product/service in social channels or irrelevant spaces
  • Purchase products with bots/personal accounts, refund and collect a commission
  • Avoid building a relationship with Kyrios Kairos

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