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I AM Kyrios Kairos

I AM Kyrios Kairos
Kairos (καιρός) : the opportune and decisive moment.

By writing this, I acknowledge the responsibility for my well-being.

I dedicate myself to the union, and my current goal in mind, body, and spirit is: to raise the awareness of those I encounter, helping them recognize the true power of the divine and creative conduit WITHIN. By the merit of all those involved, I and others experience greater purpose, development, and bounty.

I, your DIVINE SELF, the I AM of you, that total aspect of you who IS and KNOWS; WHO KNOWS ALL THINGS, and always knew, and always was, bring to you this, My Message.

To THINK is to CREATE, and to BE is to inherit BEING, to CREATE BEING is to make CHANGE MANIFEST.

I am that I employ virtues of: patience, temperance, clarity, endurance, passion, confidence, perserverance and compassion.

I am that I have no complaint. I am that I lead a dynamic and fruitful life of adventure, wisdom, abundance, caring, freedom, love and travel.

I am that I inspire others to overcome obstacles, to become responsible for their well-being, and to do so unto others.

I am that everyone is worthy of my Love, and no one is worthy of my judgment.

I am as real as it gets and I experience tremendous powers of decision-making and discernment.

I am that which sees through all deception and is protected from all evil, curse, baneful act, crossing and all other directed terrors. I am not afraid to be forgiving, yet vengeful to those who bring harm to me or others.

I choose to deeply and truly, honor, respect and accept myself.

Remember now the multitude of great fortune realized by you, and from this place, inspire anew reality in self and others.

I assert Sovereignty over my own domain; arrogance it is not, for this is my Declaration.

In the name of Love, the Master Builder, Jesus, the CHRISTOS of GOD.

Be Still! And KNOW - I AM GOD.

This is who I AM, and I am that I deserve the name Kyrios Kairos.

Who Is Kyrios Kairos?

KK is one of my many names, but this one is most relevant to the contemplations and developments of this project.

By no means having another name is to hide my given name, for many know my given name. It is a means to identify with that which I am doing with Expiscor. Much like a teacher is titled to be a teacher, I am titled Kyrios Kairos to be Kyrios Kairos.

The core of who I am remains the same, and is read and known as the statement of being above.

I am a self-defined Tantrik, as their is no qualification to appropriate this in any shape or form. I have countless hours of experience in being in the state of "I EXPISCOR", state of seeking out and creating new approaches to facilitating change in life.

I am a prudent student of life and my perspective on ritual practice, meditation, neural change and various other topics is as important as anything else in this world. The "Tantra" that I teach is an amalgamation of my understanding and unification of practices from various cultures and the divine self.

My physical body, derivative of my great Father and great Mother is of Russian descent (but bound by the existential chemicals of nature). My social belonging is to both Russia & Canada (but my responsibility is before the entire WORLD).

Nevertheless, I do not particularly identify with any culture as I travel often and find relations in every location that I visit.  

Much like any other PER-son, I have been through and am going through the various facets of life, granted to me by God and accepted in full by I.

Pleasure & pain. Wealth & poverty. Love & hate. Crime & law. Freedom & bondage. Divinity & wickedness. I am the personification of Personal Imperfection, and I my underlying core purpose is to unite with the Impersonal Perfection of GOD.

For you to better understand NOT the I AM, but the I WAS - let's examine the past of this life time with key points. Keep in mind, none of this is in chronoloical order and is intertwined beyond time itself. What you make of it - is what you make of it.

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