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I AM Kyrios Kairos

I AM Kyrios Kairos
Kairos (καιρός) : the opportune and decisive moment.

Public Statement of Being

By writing this, I acknowledge the responsibility for my well-being.

I dedicate myself to the union, and my current goal in mind, body, and spirit is: to raise the awareness of those I encounter, helping them recognize the true power of the divine and creative conduit WITHIN. By the merit of all those involved, I and others experience greater purpose, development, and bounty.

I, your DIVINE SELF, the I AM of you, that total aspect of you who IS and KNOWS; WHO KNOWS ALL THINGS, and always knew, and always was, bring to you this, My Message.

To THINK is to CREATE, and to BE is to inherit BEING, to CREATE BEING is to make CHANGE MANIFEST.

I am that I employ virtues of: patience, temperance, clarity, endurance, passion, confidence, perserverance and compassion.

I am that I have no complaint. I am that I lead a dynamic and fruitful life of adventure, wisdom, abundance, caring, freedom, love and travel.

I am that I inspire others to overcome obstacles, to become responsible for their well-being, and to do so unto others.

I am that everyone is worthy of my Love, and no one is worthy of my judgment.

I am as real as it gets and I experience tremendous powers of decision-making and discernment.

I am that which sees through all deception and is protected from all evil, curse, baneful act, crossing and all other directed terrors. I am not afraid to be forgiving, yet vengeful to those who bring harm to me or others.

I choose to deeply and truly, honor, respect and accept myself.

Remember now the multitude of great fortune realized by you, and from this place, inspire anew reality in self and others.

I assert Sovereignty over my own domain; arrogance it is not, for this is my Declaration.

In the name of Love, the Master Builder, Jesus, the CHRISTOS of GOD.

Be Still! And KNOW - I AM GOD.

This is who I AM, and I am that I deserve the name Kyrios Kairos.

Who Is Kyrios Kairos?

KK is one of my many names, but this one is most relevant to the contemplations and developments of this project.

By no means having another name is to hide my given name, for many know my given name. It is a means to identify with that which I am doing with Expiscor. Much like a teacher is titled to be a teacher, I am titled Kyrios Kairos to be Kyrios Kairos.

The core of who I am remains the same, and is read and known as the statement of being above.

I am a self-defined Tantrik, as their is no qualification to appropriate this in any shape or form. I have countless hours of experience in being in the state of "I EXPISCOR", state of seeking out and creating new approaches to facilitating change in life.

I am a prudent student of life and my perspective on ritual practice, meditation, neural change and various other topics is as important as anything else in this world. The "Tantra" that I teach is an amalgamation of my understanding and unification of practices from various cultures and the divine self.

My physical body, derivative of my great Father and great Mother is of Russian descent (but bound by the existential chemicals of nature). My social belonging is to both Russia & Canada (but my responsibility is before the entire WORLD).

Nevertheless, I do not particularly identify with any culture as I travel often and find relation in every location that I visit.  

Much like any other PER-son, I have been through and am going through the various facets of life, granted to me by God and accepted in full by I.

Pleasure & pain. Wealth & poverty. Love & hate. Crime & law. Freedom & bondage. Divinity & wickedness. I am the personification of Personal Imperfection, and I my underlying core purpose is to unite with the Impersonal Perfection of GOD.

For you to better understand NOT the I AM, but the I WAS - let's examine the past of this life time with key points. Keep in mind, none of this is in chronoloical order and is intertwined beyond time itself. What you make of it - is what you make of it.

The Russian Oligarchy Phase

During my extensive life in Russia, I WAS fortunate enough to dwell alongside visionaires and international business enthusiasts. In fact, my inkling towards global change arose from my companionship with several oligarchs in the city of Moscow. Name occluded for obvious reasons.

Yet, I can mention that their iniatives have changed the world as we know it, for better or for worse is not my judgment to be made. They operated in the realm of peak-output commercial technology and communication services across Russia.

In my time spent with them, I gave notice that the simple solutions are usually most effective. Self-management ritualization, practical meditation and perserverance and arrangement of mental space is all that is required. None of which is attributed to any entity, only derivative of the Magnum Opus of GOD.

With this notice of practicality, I began to develop effective and approachable solutions to a timeless audience, of humanity. My work is effective for all, as we humans all share the same problems.

I'm a simple man with a complex system, and no one gave me the instructions for it. Yet, I endure and enjoy the challenge. The people at the higher levels of economic performance are the same, but they simply know how to manage the illusion of time, purpose and, consequently, the future.

I am of the perspective that people in such positions, not only have to consider responsibility, but MUST apply themselves to mending their underlying problems as to avoid deconstructive outcomes for the world as a whole.

A conscious and clear outlook will provide better results for all - than a clouded by judgment and ill mind towards the environment and self.

That is why I focused on solutions that round-off the SPIKY problems of the human experience. Adding the femininity where it is needed, and the masculinity where it is missing.

Regardless of these solutions, I also came across a wealth of knowledge on wealth and how it really operates. By doing so, I drove my ability to earn into my abiltiy to give back to the world.

This is the gist of the Russian oligarch phase. Evidently, I bypassed ALL of the details of study, friendships, locations, experiences. And that's for good reason, because the Expiscor Collective isn't ABOUT ME, it's ABOUT YOU.

I'm all here for you, so if you've had enough of my blabbering, please move on to the more important written works and educational material on this website.

Cultural Immersion & Travelling Phase

For a long period of time, I dedicated myself to vising various locations and countries in the world in hopes of learning from local practitioners their methods and conceptualizations of the world. I was and am intrigued by the variety of humanity.

Consequently, by the unfortunate fact of how little effort is placed into understanding others.

Within the timeframe, I've visited so many countries, for someone who never travelled before, that I care not to count but to experience fully. My travel was not a competition but a rejoice in expression of life.

Travel is a great tool for direct expansion of the mental walls. By instilling your physicality and seeing REALITY in a new way, you discover YOURSELF from different perspectives.

Other countries are simply expression of your limited cultural self, waiting for you to discover them. You never know where you might "belong."

The world holds so many great opportunities and beauty for all those who seek it out. However, don't dwell on not-travelling - there are ways of traversing existence beyond the physical.

During my travels, beyond focusing on philosophy, cultural expansion and challenge of the self - I by the hand of God, was placed into situations where I was no longer the bystander, but one of the active components in the wheel of fate.

I served as a reflection to the sharpness of intellects to bring about clarity so that others could make important decisions in their life. It is my deepest honor to have an uninvited but large impact on life as whole through others.

I am a true believer that a single smile or one small choice in life can positively affect not just your day, but your entire life. People come and go, why not contribute to them and make the best of their presence?

Let's move on to the angelic/divinity experiential phase.

Divine Intervention

An underlying core to My Message, my current PURPOSE is driven by divine intervention. To some this is delusion, to others it is utter and complete sense. I care not to tamper with the maladies of opinionated debate, so I shall continue.

I found that as a physical form, you are limited to the physical issues of the body and the material world. Whereas, as the spirit made manifest, you are open to other expression of life, lesser and greater beings (partitions of the SELF).

Everyone has their own lesser beings, which can be as "GOOD" to you, if not better in some regards than the greater beings. However, that which is "GOOD" to you is not necessarily what you want.

I have worked diligently to develop my intuition and clarity on communicating/interpreting the presence of Angelic/Divine in my life. Throughout my perceived greatest moments, I was led or guided by divine to certain places at certain times.

Everything happens for a reason, even if you cannot see it.

The most important of locales have been all over the world. Mexico, Colombia, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Turkey, Russia, Canada, etc - which proves that the most important things in our lives are usually those that happen where we are.

In my union with the Divine, I have come to new understanding of the world, and by consequence, began to create resources to help others work and invoke the Divine. Thus, allowing others to work with parts of thesmelves they never though real before.

Through the Divine and creative conduit relationship, one can achieve greater personal competence in daily life. The Divine does not solely exist outside of you, and it has no power over the world without your presence. God makes himself manifest in shape, form, ether, spirit and other ways deeemed fit.

My very life is a devotion to God in a way that Religious people would consider heretic, but I am an imperfect Religious follower and maybe one day, I will be "perfect" in that regard. But today, I choose to be my best possible self to better serve and help others.

After all, I am Tantrik and I recognize God in everything. I strive to help others attain the same recognition if they deem it appropraite. God is impersonal, but God is within the person also.

Now I'd like to open up about the greater manifestation of compulsion for this Body, I was given and have taken full responsibility for.

Compulsion In the Form of Carnal Desire

Carnal desire, not being exclusive of Divinity, but within the tampered regions of, within us all lies a longing for deviation. It is a counter-longing from "Infinity for Eternity", which leads us to make choices (even sometimes with the best intentions) that stems from our imperfectiom.

I am a strong believer that all of our compulsions are an attempt to taste "Infinity for Eternity - GOD" but simply by various extremes of pleasure and outlash, because we simply do not know better.

God made himself evident to me first when I began to break the physical constraints of extreme pleasure seeking and meaningless chemical connection. For a period of time, I would identify the self as "An Addict of the Sexual Nature". Nevertheless, this is a very simple statement, one that many can relate to.

Addiction is most often deconstructive, but for some, it is constructive so much that it deconstructs other aspects of life through its sheer growth. The difference in these expressions of addiction is in our perception of it, and the power that "compulsion" holds over the body.

Addiction/compulsion is the longing for life, for experiences beyond that which is regular. At one point, I chose the path of carnal desire and I gave way to experiment in the various ways of sexual tendency. I had invested a great deal of my time induling in at the time "meaningless) sexual encounters with women I barely knew, courtesans and other shenanigans.

When I wasn't able to gain access to the prior mentioned, I would soothe the "aching soul" with pornographic content. I often sought out partners based on physicality alone, and at one point, had intercourse with 6 women in a single day.

Was I proud of it at the time? Sure. Did it resolve my underlying longing to be "fulfilled, happy, whole"? No.

Regardless, the issue was not in overindulgence, but my perception and beliefs about the experience. It became a great part of my life and I was not satisfied regardless. I fell victim to the belief-foundation of self. The good news, though, anything that I brought into my life, I can bring out.

My compulsions no longer have hold over my body, and there is no struggle. By deconstructing the deeper reasons and triggers, I was able (and you are as well) attain the abstain from compulsion of that kind. Balance is key to everything I think, and even falling victim to compulsion on the process of "recovery" isn't a mistake, but a sign of the struggle between your past-present self and where you will be soon.

I am currently developing a great educational resource for compulsive beavior and it applies not only to sexual tendencies, but to all other forms of addiction.

Exploration of Limitations: Mind Over Body

Another underlying cyclical phase in my material expression of life is that I delve deep into the exploration of physical extremes. In these experiments, I try to take not only my body on a journey, but my body.

It's a personal rite of passage that leads to nowhere, but is very rewarding. Things I've done, or at least attempted to do:

  1. Walk across Canada, East to West by foot. Sleeping outdoors only, I started in the winter months. I walked about the third of the way, but something came up, so I had to stop.
  2. Extended fasting on a regular basis while remaining the same levels of activities
  3. Regularly performing long-distance runs in -20+ weather. If my body isn't stressed or sick, I run in shorts, socks, shoes and gloves only.
  4. Spending several days atop of "tabletop mountain" in South Africa without any gear or rations.
  5. Attempting to swim from Key West to Dry Tortugas National Park in the ocean unsupported. The swim takes many, many hours. The time depends on wave patterns and tide. I stopped at Marquesas Key and that's as far as I got.
  6. Attempting to stay up without sleep for 3-5 days while ensuring no detriment to my overall health. Homeostasis is a great thing.
  7. Spending/giving away all of the money I had at the time and starting entirely from nothing to know it is possible.
  8. Writing/typing for 12 hours straight without breaks to see what comes out.
  9. Biking from Toronto to Niagara Falls, and from Niagara Falls to Toronto in one day.
  10. Swimming in Lake Ontario during a thunderstorm with strong waves in the middle of the night, facing the darkness.

These are just some examples of the things I've done, simply in order to test the body and mind for the sake of experimentation. I do not recommend anyone partake in such activities without adequate mental preparation and some physical activity baseline.

To some people, the things I do are outright dumb. To others, it's impressive. And to others, they couldn't care less. I do things like this for two reasons:

a) I find it interesting.

b) why not?

In fact, I need to mention that these are special occurences. It's not how I behave daily. Challenges like these are an extreme way of keeping yourself sharp and ready for lesser challenges of life.

When you begin to implement the principles and methodologies for change in your life, you will begin to make your past life dull in comparison to the present. There are so many ways to experience life, and being human is very splendid when you realize how to utilize the integral mechanism of existence.

It's also important to remember that these are selective challenges, these are not challenges of daily life. For most people, their very real and important problems seem to be more difficult than any of these things.

There's thousands of people who have trouble waking up in the morning, that's their challenge. For others, getting the courage to talk to someone. And others, they simply want to feel like they belong in this world. None of these problems are less of a problem than another - what's real to someone is real to someone and we can't neglect that.

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