Become an Author With Expiscor

Become an Author With Expiscor
This page is dedicated to all experts and writers in the field of spirituality, occult, and esoterica. 

At this time, we have two writer arrangements:

  • Those who write for the website
  • Those who are published via the Expiscor Publishing House (not available atm)

We also have other means by which you can become part of the Expiscor Collective. After all, we want to grow the organization to a global scale and provide humanity the resources to gain clarity, become blissful, and affect others in a positive way.

If you're not a writer (even if you are), we are looking for capable, independent, and visionary people. Learn more here.

Guest Writers for the Expiscor Collective Website

All of the stories submitted will be reviewed and, potentially improved by Kyrios Kairos and/or the editorial team. Some stories will be published, other stories will not.

On average, if the editorial team is available, the median time for an article to be published is 4 business days. Individuals own their content on Expiscor Collective.

If you're interested in why your article might get rejected, here are the most common reasons. Below all of these, you can read about the financial side of working with Expiscor Collective.

Reasons for Content Rejection


We abolish inherent discrimination towards others, you should do the same. Our project is not about rebuttal or criticism, we offer educational material to a wide range of audiences.

Life is inherently challenging when made to be so. Sometimes, we might find ourselves tempted to take out our frustration on other people when they are unfortunate enough to be there at that moment. Please don't do so.

Never treat others badly even if it might seem that they are at fault to you. Be respectful, nurture each other and learn how we can create solutions, instead of discovering more problems.

Hateful people will not be associated with our brand and we will not condone articles that have a hint of hate/disrespect towards others.

Paid Promotions

Companies approach us and our writers regularly looking to be featured on Expiscor Collective. The best response is to point them towards our sponsor page. We only accept relevant personally examined for quality people, products, or services.

If a company decides to sponsor a post by a writer, the writer, and Expiscor Collective must disclose the vested interest in italics at the bottom of the post.

  • Do not add logos in the feature image.
  • Do not add hyperlinks in the title or subtitles.
  • Do not add hyperlinks to the company website.
  • A direct quote from the founder must be added with relevant linkage.

If you're the co-founder, founder, or corporate-level officer of a company and you've provided this info in your bio with a link to the website, sponsored articles will not be considered as paid promotion.

Not Disclosing Vested Interest

Expiscor Collective has a strict policy of transparency and disclosure. If you're mentioning any products or services that are created by Expiscor/Kyrios Kairos, we need to make the readers know that you are somehow affiliated or invested.

If Expiscor has had a positive effect on your life and you want others to experience similar results, mention it as it is. If you're part of the Expiscor Collective Expert Network, mention that you are affiliated and receive payment from potential earnings.

If you're writing about one of our books/courses, mention that you might receive affiliate income from purchases made through your link. If you're an affiliate member of our membership program, mention that you receive a % from members brought by you.

Not Complete

We only publish full stories. However, you are free to publish multi-part series and indicate so in your articles. Don't fear to do so if that's what best fits the tone of voice for a certain topic or audience.

Poor Quality Control

Good grammar is important to the success of any piece. A reader's opinion will be hindered if they are distracted by bad spelling or formatting, so it sucks when this happens!

Fortunately for you, though there’s a simple fix—proofread before you submit. Use spell-checking and grammar software. We appreciate your willingness to put in the extra effort and even overlook some common mistakes that second language speakers may make.

We know how hard it can be for someone who doesn't possess English as their first language, but we still encourage you to try! The only thing left now is for us all to grow together through storytelling. No matter what country or culture you come from, we don't discriminate.


The first paragraph should be your hook, not an introduction. Think of this as the Abstract/Executive Summary for a research report that summarizes key points from each section. This is to make them easier on the eyes and quicker to grasp. 

Breaking down your points into a few well-written paragraphs will help you get the most out of any blog post or article. Readers are much more likely to stay engaged with shorter pieces than they would be if suffer through 12 inches worth of text on one page alone!

Outright Plagiarism

The best way to give credit where it’s due is by hyperlinking your sources. For images, add the name of the original author or publication in captions so readers know who made them!

The three-strike policy we have in place is an elegant way to ensure that our readers get original content, and it's helped us build a reputation as one of the leading publishers in the space.

We perform deep checks for plagiarism for every submitted article so you know your work will be properly attributed. If found guilty after thorough checking (which happens very rarely), then there are penalties.

First Infraction - When the writer plagiarized on purpose/by accident, we provide them an opportunity to redeem themselves. The account will note deleted and they can correct the plagiarism in the time being.

Second Infraction - Article will not be submitted, the writer account will be suspended until the writer gives a written undertaking to never repeat it.

Third Infraction - The violating account will be removed. A deeper conversation will have to occur with the writer to see what the issue might be.

Not Somehow Related

We require you to at least explain how your stories relate back to our world of spirituality, esoteric or occult. Even if they seem unrelated on paper!

We want readers who enjoy reading more than just one genre. Because the blog part of our organization is an educational project aimed towards seekers in life, we need you to be similar in mind.

You need to present something informative, researched or practical to the readers on this website.

Inappropriate Backlink Usage

We are very particular about the use of backlinks. They should only be used sparingly and with care, as they can cause serious harm if too many appear on any one page or site.

  1. To make sure that your backlinks are diverse, you should have at least 2-3 links from other reputable sites for every 1 link to your blog.
  2. The number of links that you can add to your personal blog is limited. You may only use 1 link per 500 words, so if an article has 2000 words in it. There would be four opportunities for linking back.
  3. You must add links to other articles by Expiscor Collective within your article, so the article does not look like promotional material.
  4. Once your story is published, it's in the public domain and cannot be changed or modified without express written permission from Kyrios Kairos. In fact, adding or changing promotional links after publication is grounds for the removal of all your articles and removal of your account.

Generic SEO-Oriented Mechanics

We all know that Google algorithms give much love to Top X articles. However, the race for better SEO often comes at a cost of content quality--especially when you're vying with other sites for higher rankings in search engine results pages (SERPs).

We do not encourage writing such articles. We cannot guarantee their publication, but if you do write one, please:

  • Provide metrics and reasoning behind the ranking, it's not a promotional post. We do not publish articles about "best/top" products or services from guest writers.
  • Provide at least 2 examples of efficacy or history/reputation of whatever you are ranking

Unattributed Previous Publishings

Expiscor Collective gives contributing writers the opportunity to choose whether or not they would like their stories published on other sites. If you publish them elsewhere, we appreciate a mention/link back but it's optional.

Make sure to add the URL of where your content was originally published, this URL will be used as a canonical, ensuring there are no SEO issues. Otherwise, we'll treat it as plagiarized and take action against that behavior described above.

Besides free canonical links, story distribution, and editorial review, writers can write reasonable call-to-actions and we will update their profile page.

Questionable Headlines

The headline is the most important part of any article. It's what catches your reader’s eye, and makes them want to keep reading! The way you word this crucial element can have an impact on where Google ranks each page within its search engine results pages (SERPs).

Because of this, we often work with the writer to come up with an effective and relevant headline for their work. Keep your headlines short and sweet. Make sure they are not misleading, plagiarized from another article or website without permission (this includes HTML), and keep them under 100 characters for maximum visibility!

Lack of Images

The blogosphere is all about visuals. They say a picture can be worth 1000 words and it's true in this world too!

Writers who have relevant images on their pages will get more clicks than those without them. This is because people see what they need right away when scrolling through. Visuals support the depth of the writing.

To increase the article's visibility and overall SEO, always add a high-quality relevant image right below your headline. This will act as that all-important "Featured Image" for readers on social media or Google searches. It helps them find what they're looking for quickly too!

You can do this by either taking one yourself from an original source such as Instagram (providing credit where necessary). You can also use Unsplash, which provides all of the source information for crediting the author. Feel free to create your own visuals as well.

The image should not be used as a backlink source to other websites. Utilize the alt text to help searchability and accommodate accessibility.

No/Weak Conclusion

The course of an article should have a crisp conclusion that leaves the reader hungry for more information.

If you've made their journey worth it, they are much more likely to engage with your call-to-action once it appears at this point in time! The conclusion of an article should have a clear call to action. This is so the reader knows what they are supposed to be doing after finishing reading.

No company profiles/bios should be added in the end. This applies to individual profiles and bios as well. Your social links are tied to your writer profile and are visible to readers at the end of the article without the need to add anything.

Do Writers Get Paid Here?

It depends. At this time, new writers who post a "guest" article on this website will not be paid (but they can still make money). Nevertheless, we are looking to grow the Expiscor Collective and bring people on board to make the world a better place.

For writers who want to remain in their own bubble, if they can prove their expertise in any given area or are noted as lucrative to the Expiscor readers, they can utilize a live interaction service that we provide.

This means that readers will be able to visit your webinars and/or direct video calls to interact, learn and ask from you, the teacher in any given field. This service is managed by Kyrios Kairos and has a fair-financial arrangement favored towards the writer.

If you're interested in becoming part of the paid video call service, please get in touch with Kyrios Kairos via this form. I will personally review the information and correspond so that both parties can decide to continue. I will then send an invite to the Expiscor Collective Expert Network within a reasonable time span.

The program is revenue-share with 75% of the earnings going towards the writer, 20% going to Expiscor Collective for management and outreach services, while 5% is deducted for the transaction fee of the software used to arrange these calls. The great thing is that a writer has the choice to set their own rates and availability, we have no quotas and encourage writers to take it easy at first. We've seen people set prices of $0 to engage with readers and audience, and other calls were in the thousands of dollars.

By joining the program, you inherently agree to identify as a vocal member of the Expiscor Collective Expert Network when providing this service. You must abide by very reasonable guidelines to avoid termination and unnecessary unpleasant feelings from unsatisfied customers.

We want to provide a safe and educational environment to all, so we must ensure that which we do, we are responsible for. Some of the things you should and shouldn't do throughout membership in the Expiscor Collective Expert Network are:

Do's of Our Expert Network

  1. Respect users during your call with them. All video calls are recorded for security and safety purposes. If any notice has been made from users about your behavior, we will examine these recordings to resolve any conflict.
  2. Be prepared to tackle any questions your users might have. Only list topics, subjects on your profile that you feel comfortable talking about and helping others learn about.
  3. We encourage our experts to provide freemium goods and services to their clients via the Expert Network. This will ensure that users are benefitted beyond simple conversation and they can see what you can do for them. As part of the network, we will provide you with access to some free resources that you can gift your students/clients.
  4. Feel free to use graphics, visuals, and presentation material in your video calls.

Dont's of Our Expert Network

  1. Do not be unreasonable with your pricing. By pricing extremely high, you might get a couple of calls and bag some cash, but you will be neglecting our entire purpose. Most of the work done by Kyrios Kairos is either free or priced to accommodate a wider audience of people. The more people we can help, the more satisfied we will be in our mission.
  2. Do not provide any guarantees or implicate Expiscor Collective in potential lack of results from users. Everybody learns at their own rate and life will deliver what must be delivered in the right amount at the right time. Encourage clients to avoid comparing their results with others, and concentrate on their own journey.
  3. Do not take users and clients outside of the platform without notifying Kyrios Kairos. Doing so is grounds for removal from the Expert Network and further examination. I am tolerant towards wanting your customers to book calls outside of the platform (although I hope this shall not occur), even though Expiscor provides overtly favored rates towards the expert. Get in touch with Kyrios and he will happily accommodate your request.
  4. Do not use Expert Network video calls as an opportunity to showcase your product/service via webinar. Users will book calls for two reasons. First, to interact and speak with you because they want to communicate. Second, to find answers for specific questions or work through issues they might have relevant to your field of expertise. 

Expiscor Publishing House for Authors

As of January 23rd, 2022 - the Publishing House is currently not in function. We plan to continue offering publishing services to new and established authors in the spirituality, esoteric and occult space.

We are currently restructuring our organization to create a fruitful and abundant environment for all potential writers under the Expiscor brand. This means:

  • Extremely favored financial %s for the writer
  • Marketing services for the book launch
  • Editing assistance and staff feedback
  • Full integration within the Expiscor Collective
  • And much more

If you're interested in writing for the Expiscor Collective website, please read the entire segment previous to this one.

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